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Complete Guide to Buying a Used Pickup Truck

Thinking of buying a used pickup truck? Great - you couldn't be on a better website to do just that. We have a range full of leading models by reliable brands at Western Pickup Truck Centre, from the Ford Ranger to the Toyota Hilux, Fiat Fullback and Mitsubishi L200. The only problem you will have is deciding on which truck is the best option for your personal or business needs.

If you need pointing in the right direction, read on for information on what you should consider before deciding which pickup truck to go for.

Cab styles

Most manufacturers will offer each model in a different cab style. The main three options are: single cab (two-door trucks that seat a driver and passenger), king cab (or super cab and crew cab - which have small rear doors and occasional rear seats) and double cab (four individual doors and space for four or five adults inside). Think about your daily needs and which size is the most suitable.

Load space and towing capability

The load area offers different space and weight limits, so make sure you choose a model with a load area that meets your requirements. The same goes for the towing capability.

Off-road capabilities

Most pickup trucks have four-wheel drive as a minimum, so tackling dirt and mud tracks shouldn't be a problem. However, if you need a pickup truck to deal with trickier terrain, you need to consider the following factors: ground clearance (the gap between the bottom of the truck and the ground), wading depth (for crossing water without the engine flooding) and approach and departure angles (to avoid scrapes on slopes).

Vehicle history and mileage

Check the pickup truck's service records if you are able to obtain them, or arrange for a pre-pay inspection. You'll also want to check the mileage: if you plan to drive it over long distances frequently, you'll prefer a low-mileage pickup truck.

Benefit in kind tax

A benefit in kind (BIK) is a tax on employees who receive benefits or perks on top of their salary, including a company car. If the driver of a company car uses it outside of work (for example, if it is taken home in the evenings and at weekends) the taxman will apply a BIK tax value to the vehicle. The BIK for a double cab pickup truck with a cargo load over 1000kg is set at a fixed rate of £3,350. You should speak to one of our advisors about the different tax systems before purchasing.

Once you have noted your requirements and are ready to start the search, take a look at our brilliant range of used pickup trucks online today.

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